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3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS (The Tepual Hotel Airport Transfer Airport)

Base: 4 people x 265 usd usd each = 1060

Airport Hotel Airport
Hotel Osorno Volcano Ski Center - Volcano Osorno Petrohue
Navigation: 30 minutes by boat on Lake Todos los Santos

All ground transportation
2 Nights in Hotel Selection
Tour: Ensenada Osorno Volcano, Sailing on Lake Todos Los Santos Petrohue River Falls
Breakfast Buffet

Not included:
Chairlifts and anything not mentioned in the program described


Day 1

The Airport Transfer in Puerto Montt Hotel Tepual

Day 2

Tour: Navigation Lago Todos los Santos, Saltos del Rio Petrohue Visit the Center
Ski and Osorno Volcano.

Depart from your hotel in Puerto Varas, where we visit the city, church, heritage houses, the hill Pilliphi, plaza, waterfront and private dock of Captain Hasse, continuing to photograph the only larch over 2500 years and the former Larch Mill, following the center beekeeping, to taste their honey, and see some llamas and emus in the environment, continuing Petrohue the falls instead of emerald blue falls within the National Park Vicente Perez Rosales, continue to Lake All Saints, where we will sail for 30 minutes, watching the Osorno Volcano, Cerro la Pica and Tronador. Finally we will visit the Green Lake and Mountain Ski Center and Volcano Osorno more than 1200 meters above the sea level. Easy access with a fully paved road, permanently open all year. Where we could walk down its slopes or optional tour. Take the lift
Optional Tour: Enjoy a tour of the ski lifts over 20 minutes, slice Spring Base Station, a distance of 750 meters to take him for a trip upstream to see the ski slopes, the summit of the volcano and glacier Osorno. walk, touch, feel and see the snow.
By late afternoon, return to hotel.

Day 3

In combined time Hotel Airport Transfer
End of Services

Note: Values may change without notice.


USD 265

Base room
Price per person
U.S. Dollars
Groups of 2 couples


Day 1 : Day 1: Breakfast Buffet 9:45 am until after this time, 1 welcome drink
Day 2 : Bufet Breakfast

Day 3 : Bufet Breakfast

Not Included

Everything not mentioned in the program
Any optional activities



Solar Protector

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Frutillar : Camino Punta Larga Kilometro 5
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Telefono/Fax (56)(65) 330400
PO BOX 61 Frutillar Bajo.
Celular: 09 99201753
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